Rent Reviews

Many commercial property leases include a rent review, which sets out the conditions for assessing and altering the rent. Most leases have an ‘upward only’ provision, so the rent can go up or stay the same (commonly referred to as a ‘nil increase’), but not go down. Of course there are all sorts of factors to take into account during a rent review. As a commercial property expert I have extensive experience in rent negotiations for tenants and landlords, so I can ensure you’re getting the best possible price based on both the market conditions and the terms of the lease.

My ideal outcome – and yours - is a win-win situation for landlord and tenant. Co-operation and negotiation will usually mean a far happier result for everyone than taking an adversarial approach.

However, there are occasions when both parties simply cannot agree. If this happens, I can advise you on the arbitration/independent expert process, where an independent third party is appointed to decide on the new rent.

Experienced on both sides of the negotiating table

Most landlords appoint a surveyor to negotiate rent reviews on their behalf. That’s because surveyors understand the strategies needed to maximise rental growth.

Quite often, small-scale commercial tenants don’t take on a surveyor, either because they’re not aware of the benefits or because they think it’s money they can’t afford. But settling rent review provisions fast is essential for budgeting, especially for small businesses and shop owners.  A sudden rent increase that could have been avoided will see you face a big bill for the back rent. Without experienced advice you’re taking on the professionals alone, which puts you at an immediate disadvantage.

With years of rent review negotiations behind me, acting on behalf of large and small business tenants and landlords alike, I’m well placed to make sure your business interests are protected. I’ve saved thousands of pounds for tenants and helped landlords achieve increases in their rent.  I understand the rules, market trends and commercial and financial pressures being felt on both sides of the negotiating table; so whichever side you’re sitting, you’ll be glad I’m sitting with you.

For advice on your rent review and how to get the best result for you, contact me here