Property Management

Property management takes up time you could use more constructively and profitably elsewhere – growing your business. Effective property management is a major responsibility – not only do you need to ensure the property is properly looked after and your tenants or employees kept safe, but you need to be mindful of an array of legal, contractual and financial obligations.

There are more pitfalls than you may be aware of, and the reality is that you want to be sure that the property is in safe hands, and you don’t miss key dates in your lease or fall foul of legislation.

For example, you need to know when the important lease dates are – when the rent reviews are due and when the lease expires, as well as what notices (if any) have to be served and when.

Other property maintenance issues include problems such as damp – is it the landlord’s or tenant’s responsibility, or could it even be caused by the adjoining property? If you don’t resolve problems like this at an early stage, the cost of repairs could escalate and there could be serious health repercussions.
For professional advice that protects your property and profits, contact us today. If you have a number of properties, you’ll find the estate management service especially cost-effective.