Estate Management

Well organised and proactive estate management is essential for your cash flow and to keep you the right side of the law. I understand exactly how property relates to your business; I’ve worked as in-house estate manager for both tenants and landlords, so I understand the traps, pitfalls and problems. Being proactive is difficult when you have to concentrate on running your business, but it usually pays dividends.

You need a flexible estate management service, one where you control the time and cost, but are sure of the quality of service. Whether it is an ongoing contract or a one-off project, this service gives you the expert insight you need at a price you can afford. You are not tied into any minimum contracts but you can obtain experienced help when your business needs it. This option is ideal for any landlord in need of specialist property advice and for companies or individuals with a number of properties but without access to a dedicated property team. I can even help you organise and structure your lease information.

It is important to ensure all important dates and clauses in your lease are noted, explored for opportunities and diarised for action. It’s also worth reviewing specific clauses within your leases; I can provide all the guidance you need on your rights and obligations. I have more than 20 years of experience in interpreting leases, and understand that the meaning of a clause could make a vital difference to your plans and your costs.
These are just some of the issues clients have asked me to resolve for them on a regular basis.
  • Lease clauses with an impact on rental value and possible alternative wording
  • The extent of repairing liabilities - ensuring that you can budget accordingly and disputes are minimised
  • The use of the property, whether current or proposed, and any rights to sublet or assign
  • How to give notice to operate a break clause effectively.

On those occasions where you need legal advice, I will make sure you’re connected with a reputable firm that suits your needs.
For the professional expertise you need to get the best out of your property, contact me now.  Don’t forget, I also offer professional rent review services and lease renewals advice.