Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards and Why You Need To Care


It's not just about saving energy

It might sound innocuous, but from 1st April 2018 it will be unlawful to grant new leases or renew existing ones of residential or commercial property with an EPC rating of less than E unless it is registered as an exemption.

From April 2023 it will apply to all existing commercial leases.

If the property is not brought up to a sufficient rating by the landlord carrying out works, they will face a minimum penalty of £5,000, and a maximum of £150,000.

Bear in mind this will also apply to any tenants wanting to sublet their lease when their circumstances change.

This could have a significant impact on rent negotiations, not only for new leases, but also tenants coming up to break clauses or lease renewal.  They may be occupying a property that is an F or G rating, and use that to their advantage in negotiations.


If you are not up to speed with the regulations, whether as a landlord or tenant, and need some help to work out your strategy, please contact us.


How To Reduce Business Rates
If your rateable value is below £12,000 per annum, and you only have one property, you won't pay any business rates.  HOWEVER, you do need to apply for Small Business Rates Relief  as it is not given automatically, so make sure you have filled that in.  There are also discounts available via tapered relief up to £15,000 per annum, but again, you need to apply.

​Getting this relief could make a big difference to your costs and it's a simple form to fill in.

To find out more contact your local council or read the detail here.  

Can You Help With a Property Requirement?
My client wants to open a cafe, speciality food shop and a food retail incubator in London, and are looking for high street premises of 2,000 sq.ft.  It must be suitable for cafe and retail trade, and needs good footfall for evening opening too.
Ideal Locations:

Upper Street Islington
Parkway, Camden
Bloomsbury and Fitzrovia
Farringdon and Clerkenwell
Kings Cross

If you have property that you think may be suitable, please get in touch at or call Kirsty Harvey on 01462 820092.