How To Reduce Business Rates
Are you trying to choose between two retail properties, but can't decide which is best?  Did you know you can get 50% off your business rates if the property has been empty for a year or more?  So find out how long the properties have been available as it may make a big difference to your costs.

If a property has been empty for almost a year, it may be worth waiting, as a short delay could save you a considerable amount in business rates.  To find out more about Empty Properties Reoccupation Relief contact your local council or read more here.

Can You Help With a Property Requirement?
My client wants to open a cafe, speciality food shop and a food retail incubator in London, and are looking for high street premises of 2,000 sq.ft.  It must be suitable for cafe and retail trade, and needs good footfall for evening opening too.
Ideal Locations:

Upper Street Islington
Parkway, Camden
Bloomsbury and Fitzrovia
Farringdon and Clerkenwell
Kings Cross

If you have property that you think may be suitable, please get in touch at or call Kirsty Harvey on 01462 820092.