Your Pop-Up - A New Way of Retailing

KTD Surveying are delighted to be featured in The Comet on 27th November 2014 in conjunction with Ruby Sky Events following the successful opening of "Your Pop-Up".

How To Reduce Business Rates
Are you trying to choose between two retail properties, but can't decide which is best?  Did you know you can get 50% off your business rates if the property has been empty for a year or more?  So find out how long the properties have been available as it may make a big difference to your costs.

If a property has been empty for almost a year, it may be worth waiting, as a short delay could save you a considerable amount in business rates.  To find out more about Empty Properties Reoccupation Relief contact your local council or read more here.

Join Our PopUp Shop and Event Space in Letchworth
Does your business need a retail presence but you can't afford to rent a shop?  If you run a business from home or online creating quality products, and would like to join Your PopUp at 14 Leys Avenue Letchworth, we would love to hear from you.

This is the perfect opportunity to get your business on the high street,  giving you more prominence and the chance to try out retail premises with limited risk and cost.

If you are creative and up for a challenge, are happy to share with complementary businesses, and have stock available to sell, please email us your details on  or take a look at  and we will let you know all the latest news.  The pop-up is only open from 19th November to 23rd December, so don't miss out!


Driving a Hard Bargain
Think back to your first driving lesson – you didn’t have a clue what you were doing, making lots of mistakes and needing guidance from your Driving Instructor.  (Well, I certainly did!)  20 years later, and driving comes naturally now. You’re not fazed by difficult junctions, and can adapt your driving depending on whether you are on a motorway or a country lane.  We all need help when we don’t have experience, and that applies just as much to negotiating a lease as it does to learning to drive.  In those early driving lessons, did you get the best out of the car, or was it a bit stop/start, judder, stall? To get the best out of your lease, you need experience.  Someone who has been negotiating leases on behalf of landlords and tenants for over 20 years, who can get you the best deal.  Whether you want an “old banger” of a cheap industrial unit, or a “luxury model” of a shop in a city centre, I can drive a hard bargain on your behalf.

If you value professional advice and would like someone to help you on your property journey, give me a call on 01462 820092 or email
Can You Help With a Property Requirement?
My client wants to open a cafe, speciality food shop and a food retail incubator in London, and are looking for high street premises of 2,000 sq.ft.  It must be suitable for cafe and retail trade, and needs good footfall for evening opening too.
Ideal Locations:

Upper Street Islington
Parkway, Camden
Bloomsbury and Fitzrovia
Farringdon and Clerkenwell
Kings Cross

If you have property that you think may be suitable, please get in touch at or call Kirsty Harvey on 01462 820092.

Awards Success
Exciting news!  I am thrilled to announce that I have been awarded Runner Up in the Best New Business category in the FSB Hertfordshire Awards 2014.  This is a great achievement as this is the first time I have entered any awards, and I was up against some stiff competition.  The competition was open to all businesses with up to 250 employees either based in Hertfordshire or who do most of their work in the county.


The awards ceremony was held at Shendish Manor nr Hemel Hempstead, and was a great excuse to dress up and catch up with old friends.  
I thoroughly recommend entering awards as a way to really focus on your business.