New Lease
Kirsty Harvey was introduced to us just prior to taking over a small business lease in Hitchin. My business partner and I were relatively inexperienced in leaseholding and when Kirsty was recommended to us as someone who may be important to us in the process of setting up the detail, I decided to take advantage of a free consultation.

It proved to be a good decision, ignorant as we were of such matters.  The service provided by Kirsty at KTD Surveying has been exemplary.  Kirsty's approach is methodical, efficient yet friendly and without pressure.  Whether handling the complete process or working with a client and their solicitor, the quality of service remains the same and only serves to ensure peace of mind throughout.  We can thoroughly recommend KTD Surveying to anyone considering taking out a lease on a business property.  It is money well spent now for peace of mind in the future.

Val Cansick
Local Business Proprietor